Marine Biologist Career Description

Marine Biologist Job Profile and Description A marine biologist is one who is involved in the study of animals living in the marine environment. The marine biologist conducts through research and... Read More

Naturalist Career Description

Naturalist Job Profile and Description A naturalist is one who assists in keeping a balance in the environment. The naturalist teaches people about the need for protection of plants and animals... Read More

Biomedical Engineer Career Description

Biomedical Engineer Job Profile and Description A biomedical engineer is one who is involved in the manufacturing and servicing of biomedical equipments in a company. The job of a biomedical engineer... Read More

Visual Merchandiser Career Description

Visual Merchandiser Job Profile and Description A visual merchandiser is one who is in charge of the display of products in a retail store. The visual merchandiser has to ensure that... Read More

Mortgage Broker Career Description

Mortgage Broker Job Profile and Description A mortgage broker is one who provides information and mortgage products from various mortgage companies to customers. In other words a mortgage broker acts as... Read More

Financial consultant career description

Financial consultant Job Profile and Description A financial consultant is one who provides advisory services to customers on financial products. The job of the financial consultant typically revolves around investment... Read More

Technical writer career description

Technical writer Job Profile and Description A technical writer is one who engages in the production of technical document creation through technical writing. The technical writer engages in preparation of... Read More

School Psychologist Career Description

School psychologist Job Profile and Description A School psychologist is one who acts as a facilitator to develop the cognitive, social and behavioral development of the students in the school.... Read More

Dermatologist Career Description

Dermatologist Job Profile and Description A dermatologist is one who specializes in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin problems. Depending on the job profile a dermatologist even... Read More

General Practitioner Career Description

General Practitioner Job Profile and Description General Practitioners, or GPs as they are better known, are those doctors who are appointed for continued care and treatment of patients within a... Read More

Neurosurgeon Career Description

Neurosurgeon Job Profile and Description A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves and the... Read More

Neonatologist Career Description

Neonatologist Job Profile and Description Neonatologist is a doctor who is involved with high risk infants. They work with premature babies and babies that are born with serious illnesses or... Read More

Investment Banker Career Description

Investment Banker Job Profile and Description An investment banker is a banker who is crucial to the structuring of financial deals. These deals aid the business operation that help move... Read More